Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Fresh Start

Wow! It has been a year and half since we lost blogged on this page. Crazy how time flies. Everyday duties out on the farm leave little time to devote to this little blog of ours.

What started as a modest project has morphed into a complete 8-acre permaculture installation. From food forests to swales, chickens to veggie gardens, CSA's and beehives, we have been pretty busy. We should have been more proactive with keeping records on what we've been doing. We hope to change that practice now.

Every week, we will post a little something about what we've been up to here on the farm. We'll either cover what we're up to right now, or share a little about some of the projects we have already finished. Together with these stories will be photos taken to help instruct and inspire.

We want you to know what it is like to build a farm from the ground up, where your food comes from and who grows it, and how communities can be saved through the support of local food.

So come along and follow what we're up to, hopefully we can help inspire a more beautiful world.

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