Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lemons and more lemons!

Food preservation is taking off here in our kitchen. And its the middle of the winter! We finished off the basil in pesto early December (gotta love Southern California) then came a delicious pickled beet, which seems very popular. Today we're saving the bounty of Meyer lemons in a test batch of Moroccan pickled lemons and a big batch of marmalade.

Moroccan Lemons
Cut lemons as if quartering, but leave top and bottom in tact.
Stuff sliced up lemons with salt
squish into a jar
(add extra lemon juice or boiling water if not covered.)

quarter lemons
blend in food processor - peels and all.
cover with water and boil 20 minutes with sugar -to taste. stir occasionally
add fruit pectin* (not yucky gelatin from cow hooves!)
can it up - no need to sterilize and seal

- one or two packs, depending on quantity. Don't worry about proportions, it'll be thicker or thinner each time, but always delicious! I try to make enough to fill my biggest pot (I think its 8 quarts) and add two packs.

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