Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cold Fronts

Sometimes in Southern California, the weather gets so warm in the spring that you think that it is here to stay. Then a chilly cold front moves in while your still in your shorts and sandals. Starting mid morning on Saturday the air quickly turned cold as the winds kicked up from the NW. Brings us back to reality that it still isn't quite summer yet. I like working when it is a little chilly outside but I do not like these winds.

I have been hard at work in the garden lately. I have been planting out many of my rooted cuttings that I have had growing for a few months. I put out some lavenders and sages amongst the citrus that we have growing in the backyard. Lavenders and sages are both high in medicinal value and love attracting beneficial insects. I also planted out some artichokes along the pathway , working as both an ornamental and an edible. I planted out some borage as well. Borage is a great plant. It is easy to grow in our soils and climate, bees LOVE it, you can make tea from the flowers, and it is a beautiful plant and a great addition to any garden.

I also have a few beds growing vegetables now, all double dug and grown using the GROW BIOINTENSIVE approach. We utilized double dug beds, we have grown our own compost, we used close hexagonal spacing, and grew our plants together in a way that they would contribute to one anothers health. So far we have planted out garlic, rossimo and flame head lettuce, leaf lettuce, radishes and carrots, as well as some potatoes and cauliflower.

At the same time I have built two more grow tables and have seeded some flats of corn, tomatoes, cucumber, kale, and more. I need to do a lot more seeding.

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