Friday, March 7, 2008

Easter Eggs

Its spring and Easter is just around the corner. I was reminded of the fact when I collected the first eggs from my chickens on Thursday March 6th, almost 5 months after we got the little chicks in the mail. It hasn't been without its hardships.

The first night the chickens went into their coop, 3 were killed by marauding raccoons. I little while later, I found one dead for no apparent reason. And just yesterday, I found one of my hens jammed into a tight spot unable to get out. Boy was she happy to see me. I think she was there for a day or 2, she did not have any energy to move.

I put her into one of my tables I made for starting seeds which doubled perfectly for a Chicken Triage. She can only lay on her side, cannot stand or really move at all. I have been feeding her by hand, at least she is feeding. I hope for a full recovery, but I do not know the extent of the damage she has. Close care and a watchful eye is all I can do right now.

It is sad to see an animal hurt, you want to help but feel helpless at the same time. Prayers and vigilence are all that I can offer right now. Let us all pray for her and her speedy recover and subsequent acceptance back into the flock.