Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life & Death

My little hen passed away on Sunday night. I named her Hope. She was the same hen that I was worried about a few weeks back. I have never been witness to death before. It was heart wrenching. I really wanted her to get better and believed she was. Then, quickly she took a turn for the worse. She could not breathe, she was really gasping hard for air. She started fluttering around and panic and just as suddenly, silence. She passed away. I loved that little hen.

My only wish is that she is roaming some nice green pasture with all sorts of grains and insects that she can devour. My she rest in peace and be in my heart.

This experience led me to think whether or not I did the best thing. Should I have taken her to a vet right away, put her out of her misery, or have done what I did, try and save her. I thought she was getting better, that she was just weak on the first day and she needed to regain her strength. I feel so bad, partly responsible. But I know that I will have a plan for whenever this might happen next time. A solid one that has been well though out to maximize chance of recovery.

Hope, you gave me hope. Watching how you really fought hard to survive. I am proud of you and wish you the best.

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