Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

This is definitely the month for planting, spring is just upon us, the weather is warming, and plants are growing. All I am trying to do for the next 2 months is plant, plant, plant. There is not much time to do anything else, I have no time to finish mulching pathways, no time to do any stone work, only time for planting and anything planting related.

Today I seeded almost 100 six packs. I must say, efficiency wise, six packs are not the way to go, get the 72 or more cell trays. Those things are quick to fill with dirt and to seed. I do six packs because whatever I am not planting at my place I am going to sell to the community. Today I planted beans, basil, zinnia, echinecia, sunflower, and more. My grow tables are starting to fill, I will have to make more soon, I am going to have thousands of plants this year, it should be awesome.

I also got a chance to let out the chickens, gotta keep a close eye on them though, they have been getting into some of the freshly seeded beds that I have in the backyard. I am going to put up a temporary fence tomorrow to keep the little buggers out.

Work is never done.


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